Products and Services


With more than 20 years experience, Makian Faravar Naami Company has been able to support and advise a variety of customers from different fields through knowledge acquired from practical and clinical skills. Thanks to the experience gained within these years from using different feed additives and pharmaceutical finished products and consistent performance, Makian Faravar Naami has abled to deal with twists and turns of products application and demand of this market and also to help customers advance their businesses. Below you can find some of the services and activities that can be performed by Makian Faravar Naami Company:

• Registration, Importation, and distribution of:
- Feed additives (Beef and Dairy cattle, poultry, Equine, and aquaculture)
- Veterinary Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals
- Disinfectants
- Grains, meals
- Milk replacers

• Research and Development of:
- Simultaneous use of Ozone air cleaner and disinfectants
- Ozone cleaner usage for drinking water treatment 

Consulting and providing treatment protocols for:
- Poultry Farms (Broiler, Breeder, Layer)
- Dairy and Cattle Farms
- Pisciculture (Rainbow trout, Shrimp, fresh water Fish)
- Feed mills
- Horse riding club complexes